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Mellisa bell

me and my husband have been trying to have a child for about 2 years now. we went to a few different reproductive endocrinologist and had no luck even the last one said there was really no chance i could have a child. so one day i read about chakra’s and read that if realign your chakras that might be blocked it could help you have a child so I went online and found the chakra room and made a appointment to see mrs white. when i got there and sat down with her i started talking about me and my husbands struggles to have a child and what doctors have said to me about how its unlikely for me to have children, so she told me about how she could could help me find and realign blockages that was in my chakras. and I was skeptical at first but as she’s explaining everything to me and we start talking I found this peaceful connection to her like we’ve been friends for years and she explained everything with such simplicity that I felt I could truly trust her. So after that I started the work with Her and after 4 months i went to the doctor and they told me i was expecting, and as I’m writing this me and my husband are expecting are child in a few weeks and i truly thank mrs white for everything she did for me and helped me every step of the way she truly is a miracle worker and if you are in the same situation i was in i honestly say to come and see her so you and your partner can feel the joy that we feel now.

Jeremy platts

i came to mrs. white after many failed attempts at rehab for my drug addiction. i was looking for a alternative to seek help for it that’s when i discovered her business off of yelp. i went into the session with her very tense as i did not know what to expect but as i sat down and talked with her i soon started to feel very comfortable with her as if we’ve been friends for years. we talked for about a hour about my addiction and the failed attempts at beating it as she explained to me chakras and which was block (my root chakra) and how we could fix this. afterwords she showed me the meditation room she has in her office and told me to sit in the middle of this small pyramid with a crystal orbiting above it as soothing music started to play i sat in the pyramid for a hour in a deep peaceful meditative state feeling a ease i’ve never truly felt before. after i was done with the meditation i was truly at peace for one of the first times in my life. i’ve now been going to see mrs. white for quite some time now and i’m proud to say I’m 90 days sober as of today and i thank her for helping me get my life back on track. thank you for reading this review and i hope that seeing this will help anyone who’s is at the same place i was a few months ago can find the strength to conquer there addiction and come into her shop so she can help guide you as she did for me.

Michelle narvent

Mrs. White will truly change your life for the better. She has such a in-depth reading with you, and truly gets down to what is wrong with no sugar coating, and helps you find the guidance that you are searching for when you come in. When you come to the chakra room your leaving with a body self.
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